Nonprofit / Church/ Community License

Very eye-opening...I never would think about filling out the race box on an application but the impact it makes is literally crazy.”
— Carlie
Filmmaker Eli Steele at a post-screening Q & A.

Filmmaker Eli Steele at a post-screening Q & A.


The I AM Screening Kit for nonprofits, churches, and community organizations includes all the essentials to share the film with community groups and lead a discussion about the multiracial baby boom, identity politics, and what it means to be an individual in today’s America.

Screening Kit: 

    •    One DVD or Blu-Ray

    •    Posters

    •    Discussion guide

    •    Institutional and Public Performance License: License valid for nonprofits, public libraries, businesses, religious institutions, and community organizations. It includes an unlimited public performance license, which grants unlimited film showings at one facility. Extra Facility License is required for use of film at more than one facility. Please see the Screening Licensing FAQ(Contact us regarding pricing for Extra Facility and promotional rates for multiple kit purchases:


Speaking Engagements

Contact us to learn more about booking Filmmaker Eli Steele to speak at your event:


Fundraising Opportunity


Turn your screening into a fundraiser! We offer DVDs for purchase. A ten-pack can be purchased for $100 ($10/unit). License holders can resell DVDs at event for $20/unit - these sales are for “Home Licenses” only. Every ten-pack sold nets $100 profit for Licensee. 


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