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Mixed race scholarship has often been marginalized…or simply left out.” 
— University of California, Berkeley: Center for Race

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My students were shocked that the school denied Jack entrance to a school for an unchecked race box. We discussed the effects these race boxes have on our society - nearly every student had their own story. We need more films like I Am. Very emotional, enlightening, unbiased, and I will be screening it again.”
— Michelle McAuliffe - professor at Gallaudet University

How Jack Became Black takes an unvarnished view of race from the perspective of a multiracial. The film's themes present an opportunity to study and discuss the many issues facing today’s students: the multiracial baby boom, identity politics, and what it means to be an individual. The film is conveniently broken into several major and separate sections, allowing the film to be viewed as a whole or in part.

Areas of Study & Departments:

  • Public Policy

  • Political Science

  • Law

  • History

  • Social Sciences

  • Ethnic Studies

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • Child Studies

Themes & Topics: 

  • Multiracial Identity

  • Identity Politics

  • Racial Constructs

  • Institutional Racism

  • Interracial Relations

  • America's Racial History

  • Media & Race

  • Race Policies

  • Individualism

  • Bullying

  • Employment Law

“How Jack Became Black is a thoughtful, meaningful and incisive documentary. Director Eli Steele brings a perspective on race in America that is both personal and original. In so doing, he throws down a fascinating challenge to the issue of race in this country, particularly to those who would think that they are doing the ‘right thing.’”
— Seth Shire, CUNY Professor



  • Blu-Ray:  84 min version of the film broken into several “chapters,” each with a unique theme allowing customization for a variety of settings. (the multiracial debate, identity politics, De Blasio, etc.)

  • Comprehensive Discussion guide. Download here.

  • PPR license for your institution



Universities, libraries, and community organizations are using How Jack Became Black in their programs. Here are some ways you can use the film to educate and engage your audience:

  • Show the film in the classroom and engage your students with new perspectives on race. You can show the entire documentary or individual chapters to illustrate points in your curriculum.

  • Add the film to your events calendar and invite the community to join the discussion. It's a powerful way to add a new dimension to the conversation about race, one that surely will only grow as more and more Americans are born to interracial unions.    

  • Add the film to your library's collection and make it available to everyone with an interest in the multiracial identity, the policy of checking a race box, race/racism, and identity politics.

  • Invite Director Eli Steele to your campus for a Q&A. Steele is also available for Q&As via Skype or the like. Contact us.



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