the INDIVIDUAL movement: more than a film

JOIN AMERICA in exploring the impact of the multiracial baby boom upon a nation that has deepened its embrace of identity politics, leading to more Americans being locked into racial groups. Is it too late to begin the movement back to the individual?

HOW JACK BECAME BLACK - a documentary that educates, engages, and equips Americans to act on one of the most transformative issues of our time: the blurring of the color line even as a new identity politics emerges. 


Voted top documentary of 2018 by Film Threat!


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Available on following cable outlets:  Spectrum ,  Comcast, Charter, Cox, RCN, Midco, and a couple dozen independent affiliates.

Available on following cable outlets: Spectrum, Comcast, Charter, Cox, RCN, Midco, and a couple dozen independent affiliates.

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Watch, think, act: be skin color or be individual?

Hit home on so many levels for me…
very eye-opening.”
Adam Carolla
How Jack Became Black may have one questioning what (race) box they fit into and how they came to fit into it. Are we ready for such a conversation in these turbulent political times?”
The Black Geeks

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"How Jack Became Black is an amazing film!"

- Warrington Hudlin, producer of House Party and Boomerang

"Whether you agree or disagree with Steele’s individual stance on his subject, his film is passionately argued and compassionate at heart. Taking no side in recent political tensions where racial prejudice continues to be a hot topic (this is, after all, Trump’s America), Steele opts instead to speak of us as human beings rather than designated racial definitions and his film is illuminating, stimulating and a constantly thought provoking watch, which shatters the dogmatic system of turning race into box ticking."

- Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review

"How Jack Became Black is a heartfelt, beautifully filmed and poignant story of one man's attempt to protect the personal integrity of his mixed-race children from the invasive one-drop rule in America that takes away a person's right to choose his or her personal identity.  Steele's heroic attempts are also a work on behalf of all humanity and not just mixed raced individuals."

- Jason D. Hill, Ph.D. - Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University

"How Jack Became Black offers a wise, original, amusing, yet troubling examination of the ways in which identity politics in schools reduce human complexity to a single limiting checkmark. An insightful, enlightening film for everyone ready to look past and overcome superficial categories." 

- Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, D.Ed., Author, Undoctrinate

"My students were shocked that the school denied Jack entrance to a school for an unchecked race box. We discussed the effects these race boxes have on our society - nearly every student had their own story. We need more films like like this. Very emotional, enlightening, unbiased, and I will be screening it again."

- Michelle McAuliffe - professor at Gallaudet University

"Your movie was incredible... you have touched at least 20 lives yesterday. People who would have gone back home and thought about your message as well as talked about it to their families. There were three teachers that I know of who wanted to go back and talk about it at their schools." 

Lakshmi Giri, The Parent Voice

"How Jack Became Black is a thoughtful, meaningful and incisive documentary.  Director Eli Steele brings a perspective on race in America that is both personal and original.  In so doing, he throws down a fascinating challenge to the issue of race in this country, particularly to those who would think that they are doing the 'right thing.'"

- Seth Shire, CUNY Professor

How Jack Became Black’ demolishes Identity Politics.”

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Film Synopsis

This groundbreaking documentary opens simply: a multiracial father is stunned when his mixed race son is denied enrollment to an elementary school for refusing to check a “race box.” Why did race matter so much? To find out, the father takes an uncharted journey across America where he confronts and exposes identity politics. The result is an emotional, unbiased look at race that Adam Carolla called “eye-opening.”

Wonderful.... fascinating (and disturbing) exploration of the contemporary subordination of the individual to careerist bureaucracies and anti-humanist orthodoxies.”
National Review

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