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An incredible and dynamic documentary...most definitely tugged at my heart strings and called me to think, listen, and talk more about some of these ongoing issues/challenges.”
— Bella
A few of the students who attended the I Am screening at Duquesne University.

A few of the students who attended the I Am screening at Duquesne University.

The I Am Screening Kit for college student groups includes all the essentials to share the film on college campuses. The main themes of I Am - the multiracial baby boom, identity politics, and what it means to be an individual - strongly affect many college students. Past screenings of I Am have united a wide variety of student groups under one umbrella to watch and discuss these issues. 

  • Political student groups - America's rapidly changing demographics, including multiracials, and identity politics’ impact on politics, policy, and the individual

  • Multicultural/ethnic student groups - the impact of blurring the color line upon America

  • International student groups - understanding race in America - historical & present

  • Religious & Interfaith student groups - race, religion, and the blurring of the color line

Be the first one to bring a fresh perspective on race in America to your campus today.


Screening Kit: 

  • One DVD or Blu-Ray

  •   Posters

  • Discussion guide

  •  Institutional and Public Performance License


Speaking Engagements

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Fundraising Opportunity


Turn your university or college screening into a fundraiser!

We offer DVDs for purchase. A ten-pack can be purchased for $100 ($10/unit). License holders can resell DVDs at event for $20/unit - these sales are for “Home Licenses” only. Every ten-pack sold nets $100 profit for Licensee. 


**Free Screening Option

We offer a one-time screening license for $150-$160.


We will waive the one-time screening license fee if your college or university purchases or has already purchased the Educational License which includes the Public Performance Rights (PPR) License. This license allows the film to be screened at the college or university campus for its students - an admissions fee may not be charged. See our Screening Licensing FAQ.

If your college or university does not have a Educational License, requests can be made to university librarians or professors to order the film. For assistance, please fill out below form or contact us:

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If you are a smaller than average student group, cannot afford the full screening fee, and your institution does not hold an Educational License, please fill out below form or contact us for more options:

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