A special thank you to The Moving Picture Institute for their generous support.


Eli Steele (Writer, Editor, Director, Producer)

How Jack Became Black is the result of a 5-year long film journey for Eli Steele and is his most personal film. His past work also includes the award-winning film, What's Bugging Seth


J.M. Bartelt (Animator & Director of Photography)

J.M. Bartelt is a native of North Carolina and studied filmmaking and animation at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. How Jack Became Black is his first feature length documentary.


Kimby Caplan (Director of Photography)

Kimby Caplan is an award-winning cinematographer whose work has aired on PBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates. Her past films include CUBAMERICAN and Listen.  How Jack Became Black is her first collaboration with Eli Steele. 


Justin Gordon (Narrator)

Justin Gordon is a classically trained actor with extensive theater and film credits. He first met Eli Steele when he played a major role in What's Bugging Seth and has collaborated with him on several projects since.


Cody Westheimer (Music)

Cody Westheimer operates New West Studios, Inc. with his wife Julia Newmann and has amassed well over over 100 hours of music for feature films, documentaries, and television. How Jack Became Black is his second collaboration with Eli Steele.


Garrett Schultz (Sound Design)

Based in Indiana, Garrett Schultz has worked on sound for nearly all formats. Having worked with Eli Steele on short films and other works, How Jack Became Black is his first feature length documentary.


Shayan Ebrahim (Trailer editor)

Shayan Ebrahim has edited television ads and two feature-length documentaries, including The Drop Box.


Gabriel Gigliotti (Artwork)

Gabriel Gigliotti is a Santa Monica-based artist. Aside from his work on How Jack Became Black, he is currently involved in many projects from animations to illustrated books. 


Camila Camilo (Assistant sound/camera)

A recent graduate of Pace University, Camila Camilo assisted with the documentary production in Florida, New York, and Los Angeles. Currently, she's works in film and acting.


Jessica Crymes (Assistant sound/camera)

Based in Florida, Jessica Crymes assisted with the documentary production in all aspects. Married to James and the mother of three children, she continues to work in film in the central Florida region.